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Bridging Worlds

I believe in people

850+km is no small distance to cover. This is the distance I walked solo across the coastline of Kerala to Kanyakumari, on the shore in two months to cover the stories of people and the planet.

I've believed that people can be more than they let themselves believe they can be. And they've proved me right.

I believe in people. 

What I have done so far

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K2K- The Coastal Walk

5th October - Dec 6th 2019

An 850+ km Solo Journey across the Coastline of Kerala to Kanyakumari while documenting the stories of people and the planet and the environmental crisis.

What the others say

Janet's got this knack for turning pretty much anything into a sensory wonderland. You walk into one of her designs, and it's like stepping into another universe. It's this crazy cocktail of colours, sounds, and feelings that sweep you off your feet. Trust me; it's hard to find words to do it justice.

Then, there's her undying entrepreneurial spirit. She's like that ever-ready bunny, always on the go, always up for a challenge. Give her a problem, and she's off, her mind spinning with ideas, most of which will have you wondering, 'Why didn't I think of that?' She's got this infectious energy that turns every project she touches into gold.

But what makes Janet unique is her passion. And boy, is it contagious! She doesn't just create things; she breathes life into her ideas. Every project, every venture—it's like a piece of her soul speaks to you. It's pretty magical, I've got to say.

Oh, and did I mention our shared love for filter coffee? Some of her best ideas come to life in our caffeine-fueled brainstorming sessions. Just something about a warm cup of filter coffee gets our creative juices flowing.

And you know what's the best part? She's probably one of the most inspiring people I've ever met. I mean, being around Janet is like catching a creative flu. Suddenly, you start seeing possibilities where there are none. Her zest, ideas, and passion rub off on you.

So yeah, Janet isn't just any designer or entrepreneur. She's an absolute force of nature. And honestly, I couldn't be prouder to call her my friend.


Vignesh R, Founder & CEO, Canvas

Rehaman's Story on Climate Change and Jobs

Rehaman's Story on Climate Change and Jobs

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All Categories

Rehaman's Story on Climate Change and Jobs

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