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Bridging Worlds

I believe in people

850+km is no small distance to cover. This is the distance I walked solo across the coastline of Kerala to Kanyakumari, on the shore in two months to cover the stories of people and the planet.

I've believed that people can be more than they let themselves believe they can be. And they've proved me right.

I believe in people. 

What I have done so far

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K2K- The Coastal Walk

5th October - Dec 6th 2019

An 850+ km Solo Journey across the Coastline of Kerala to Kanyakumari while documenting the stories of people and the planet and the environmental crisis.

I am InkWeaver.

Between 2016 and 2019, I ran InkWeaver as a platform that creates intentional human experiences centring around empathy. These were largely designed for the general public and for those who come from no shared environments or experiences. 

Across India,  as InkWeaver including Nagpur, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and so on

Well known across Bangalore for the viral facilitated event "Blindfolded Conversations" and as a facilitator

What the others say

Woman in Yellow

"To find someone capable of putting themselves in your shoes is hard. To find that the Someone builds experiences is brilliant because not only will you experience something new, you will also do it while functioning at your peak optimal performance"

Vasundhara, Actor