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Constant exposure to other realities makes an empathetic world.

I design life skill-based life lessons as part of an experiential learning-based curriculum.


As an Experience Designer, I have worked with some of the top companies and passion-driven individuals in India to create unique experiences in multiple fields. I have also facilitated over 15000 people across India. 

My last journey was an 850+ km solo walk down the coastline of Kerala to Kanyakumari in 62 days documenting the stories of people and the planet.

I am also a naturalist, spoken word poet, performer, and artist. 

An enthusiastic environmentalist, I believe in the deep connection between nature and humanity.

Image by Hans Isaacson

Why I do what I do

My Story

My career path began when I decided to quit college in the final year. While the teachers showed us the compromises and bridges made in the real world of environmental sciences in action, what struck me was the incessant need to choose a path before one finishes a subject. The system that rewarded those who fit into the industrialization of education and leaves behind those who question it left me wondering if there was more. I was left confused and alone even as international and national organizations rewarded me for my ideas. The life path seemed uncertain.

Being the constant misfit through schooling was not new to me. Being constantly bullied by both adults and kids for being different, having a single mother or "dream too large for reality" taught me that compassion is a choice. Therefore, I choose to work on creating opportunities to build empathy.

All my projects - be it creating highly impactful exclusive experiences or designing viral experiences that break social and metal barriers, art that creates questions, performances across India that talk about a more empathetic world even through quiet anger, or larger community building and public impact - revolve around the need to create empathy through perspectives, where questions matter more than the million answers or the imagined paths that be.

This is the belief that made me walk down an 850+km coastline alone. This is the belief that made me gather a crowd of over 800 under trees for conversation. This belief leads me to teach thousands of people about the majesty of the earth and the secret garden of flora and fauna around them.

I've believed that people can be more than they let themselves believe they can be. And they've proved me right.

I believe in people.

Janet Orlene

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