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  • Janet Orlene

Harambe is Dead

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Harambe is dead! Harambe is dead!

Call out the Social Media gods! They gather under the shade. To discuss: Was it the mother’s fault? Was it the zoo’s fault? Was it yours? Was is mine?

Of course it wasn’t ours. We were watching the story on our TV’s And using our X-ray vision eyes To dissect the story And point fingers at them.

Watch us fight Over our dinners! With masala-stained fingers, We fight for the remote! We fight for control. We fight to change the channel, When it gets too boring.

Two days later, forty tiger cubs were found dead! Who could do something this cruel to something that cute! As we stuff veal into our mouths and Wash it down with the blood of our children’s minds, We scream:


Education is the key to unlock our minds! So put the children in Schools! Let them get their numbers right and Get their degrees in Sciences and Mathematics And the Economics of how much it is priced, Yet we forget to show them how much it is worth.

We, the adults return to our TV worlds While effortlessly changing to another channel When we get too tired of the same.

One TV channel, Two TV channel Three TV channel, Four men arguing over it

Point your fingers. Shoot the Zoo! Shoot the Tiger Temple! They are irresponsible!

We scatter our holiday photographs With those tigers In wild rage!

The activists want all the animals To be released back Into the wild. They have forgotten that the urban Do not belong in the forest anymore. Their eyes have died.

A quiet zoologist notes, Harambe was merely guarding the boy.

The facts are inconsequential.

We shot him dead.


Janet Orlene


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