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  • Janet Orlene

I see chaos

Updated: Nov 12, 2021


Again, he set his sights on Beauty. The beauty of a world without the Charade. The charade of Democracy. A democracy that is Effective. Effectively Flawed. A flawed genius, he Gauges. Gauging a life without Horror. The horrors of It all. You see, it all started with a Joke. A joke about democracy Killing itself. Killing itself, seeded a Line of thought. A line of thought that Merged. Merged into Nonsense. Nonsensical voices drifting him into Oblivion. Oblivious world Pretending. They pretend to Question. They question without Reason. Reasonably unreasonable are called the Sane. Sanity belongs to the slave of Technology. Technology has got you Under it’s skin. Under it’s skin, Vouching to control. But control is Willingly given. Willingly given is also a rather Xerophytic human adaptation. Adaptation belongs to You. You are Zero


Janet Orlene


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