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  • Janet Orlene


Sanitizers are the boon of the anti handwashers,

The love of those who like mini germ busters

Tucked away in pockets like an alcoholic's quarter bottle

Always ready for the rainy day

And the dirt that accompanies it.

Sanitizers can now kill 99.9% germs along with the 99.9% sanity.

When I was with children a while ago on a trek, I handed them wild raspberries and they promptly tried to squeeze some sanitizer in top of the fruit before popping it into their mouths, to protect them from nature. Like baby birds , mouth open wide only to be fed a cocktail of medicine instead of food.

They have been taught to sanitize the world.

To sanitize the hate by pretending it doesn't exist by teaching them that private parts are dirty , icky and never to be mentioned until they believe that the bruises remaining were because they weren't sanitized enough

To sanitize love by pretending it, through lonely nights , closed doors and staying together instead of divorce.

To sanitize toys into blues and pinks

To sanitize clothes into blues and pinks

To sanitize lives until colour has faded away

To sanitize until 50 shades of grey turns into a single shade of white.

Santitize the world!

From you and your demons

Pretend they don't exist by turning around.

Sanitize them from children

For your children

Santitize them from "those" kind of children who might play with your child.

Santitize your tongue until words are bad language.

Go ahead, sanitize.

Your immunity is dead anyway.

- Janet Orlene

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